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Client Testimonial - Anita P

I have had nothing but a good experience when it comes to our corporate break room services provided by Perks & Provisions. They were excellent when they helped us move and set-up several new break room/kitchens in our buildings and they are also flexible enough to change our services and tailor it to our companies specific needs. We provide free coffee and soda for all of our employees, keeping the machines stocked can be a bit of a challenge, but our route guy is excellent with taking inventory and making sure that everything is taken care of. We used to provide food/snacks free of charge for all of our employees as well, and due to the more challenging economic times, Perks has helped us move into vending machines in all of our break rooms. These machines are always stocked with the best snacks and drinks for our employees. We are happy with the services that are provided by Perks and Provisions, thank you Perks, for making my life at the work place less stressful – you guys are awesome!

Anita P
Meeting Services Coordinator

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