Perks and Provisions Company - Corporate Breakroom Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q We'd like to offer, or continue to offer, breakroom benefits to our clients, but times are difficult. What can Perks and Provisions do to help us control costs?

Q How many employees does my facility need to have for service?

Q Is there a minimum amount that my facility must buy each delivery?

Q We'd like to have vending machines at our facility. Can Perks take care of the vending machines at our facility?

Q Do you charge a rent or lease for equipment?

Q How often will your driver come out to our facility to stock our supplies?

Q Is the coffee equipment you provide new?

Q Your pricing is very competitive. Will you guarantee it for a certain period of time?

Q Does Perks offer bottled water or POU (Point-of Use Bottle-less) service?

Q Everyone is so busy at our office we don't have time to take care of ordering and stocking breakroom supplies. Can you handle it for us?

Q We've been told by some companies that we're too small to have vending equipment. Does Perks have a solution for us?

Q Do you provide healthy snacking and sipping options?

Q Can you provide our office with single-cup coffee?

Q Do you offer other types of services than just coffee?

Q We are interested in trying out some new coffee for our facility. Can we sample your products?

Q Why should I offer coffee or breakroom benefits to my employees? It sounds like another overhead expense that I can't afford.

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