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What to do if You're Out of Product

It's 8:00am Monday morning, the troops are about to start filing in and you just noticed that you're out of the one thing that keeps order in the morning... coffee. Not to worry, just reach for the phone and call your perky, knowlegable support representative. Perks will then spring into action. We're here to make you the office hero!

  • First - Contact a Client Support Specialist at (888) NOW-PERKS or locally in the DFW Metroplex at (214) 841-4703 at let us know what products you need or you can email your order to your Client Support Specialist at Please include your account number.

  • Second - Carry on with the days business. Orange is on the way and will completely satisfy your offices needs. That's our commitment to you.

  • Third - You're dedicated Client Specialist or delivery driver will work with you on his or her next visit to make sure the stock levels for all your products are appropriate so you will always have a fresh, hot cup of coffee or your vending machines will always be stocked with ice cold, refreshing soda.

If your current breakroom provider is out of stock and you're out of patience call Perks & Provisions. You don't even have to be our client. Perks will get whatever you need right out to you. You'll only pay whatever your currently paying. Our new Dallas-Ft Worth Distribution Center warehouses over 700 breakroom and vending items so we're sure to have what you need.
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