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If you're interested in offering your team better "perks" we'd love to show you & your team the options. From a blind tradionally brewed coffee tasting, where your employees will vote on their favorites without knowing the brand names to demo'ing a machine that makes one great cup at a time just the way each individual likes it Perks will make it a "stimulating" morning. Just complete the quick form below and a sales representative will be in touch within 24hrs to finalize the details.

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How many vendors do you currently use to take care of your breakroom needs?

Approximently how much does your company spend on breakroom supplies per month?

If you are not ready to role out the demo to the whole company we can gladly sample our products to a small group of decision makers. Would you like to start small?
What day of the week would you like your demo? (You may check more than one) How would you rate the quality of your breakroom equipment?

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