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Ice Cream Vending Equipment

Great ice cream treats without the inconvenient truck part. Everything's easier with Perks.

Keep your cool with ice cream from the FastCorp Z400 ice cream vending machine. It has no moving parts in the freezer, a design that prevents frost build-up and damage, meaning longer periods of uninterrupted service and fewer service calls. The Z400 also features "eye-catching" back-lit graphics that can be viewed from 100 feet away and a window that treats customers to a "robotic show" as the Z400 retrieves and dispenses the customers' selection. The Z400 puts the fun back into ice cream vending!

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A Perks Tip - Fresh Fruit Delivery
Fresh Fruit Delivered Weekly - For less than a $1 a day per employee you can provide your people with a healthy alternative to the vending machine. It's one of the few 'perks' you can offer that your employees will taste everyday.
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