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Vending Equipment

Whatever your vending needs, Perks can accommodate.

Vending equipment provides convenience and value in the breakroom. Whether it's the snack to tide us through till lunch, lunch itself, or a little something to get us through till the end of the day, our vending machines provide a variety of inexpensive taste treats and drinks. They can be subsidized by the company, the employees or a mix of both.

The industry-leading equipment choices we offer incorporate the newest digital technology, complete with dollar bill and new dollar coin acceptance capabilities. The addition of modern graphics enable Perks and Provision's equipment to fit in well with any business's concept and image.

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The employee who goes outside of the office for coffee is gone for an average of 14 minutes. One study shows that in a company of 50 employees, on the average, this may amount to $16,939 dollars of productive time lost per year. Can you afford not to offer ?
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