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Whole-Bean Coffee Ground Fresh for Every Cup

Give your people the best & they'll give you theirs.

This is what office coffee could be - fresh, bold and invigorating. Much like your business. Office coffee could be exactly what your people want.

Keep them motivated and product by keeping them in house with an in house coffeebar, without the Barista. All Perks' fresh ground coffee services are completely automated, easy to use, easy for your staff to maintain and offer an exciting way to maximize your breakroom budget.

Perks & Provisions has been providing fresh ground coffee services longer than most. The service is simple. Decide on the type of coffee, espresso, capuccino or lattes you would like to provide your people and Perks will handle the rest.

Inspire your people one cup at a time. Learn how other Perks clients are inspiring their people with our fresh ground coffee services.

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A Perks Tip - Wood vs. Plastic Stir Sticks
Going Green? Using stir stix made from a renewable resource, such as wood in your office are a very cost effective replacement to conventional plastic stir stix.
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