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Office Coffee & Cappuccino Service

The office coffee matters.

There are few "perks" in the office that can make people happier day in and day out than a quality cup of coffee. Don't believe us - consider the last time your office ran out of coffee. Now think about the last time an employee raved about the office coffee. The last time a client got excited when you offered him a cup. The office coffee matters.

Perks & Provisions has three ways to serve your office a great cup of coffee. Each method with it's own benefits. Learn more about each method below and contact a Perks Sales Representative today to discuss how Perks can energize your people and add value to your budget.

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The employee who goes outside of the office for coffee is gone for an average of 14 minutes. One study shows that in a company of 50 employees, on the average, this may amount to $16,939 dollars of productive time lost per year. Can you afford not to offer ?
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