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Refreshments and Snacks

Perks & Provisions offers the ease of a one-call breakroom solution.

Perks is your vendor for all the snacks, goodies and refreshments your firm needs. Refresments & Snacks from Perks are great for:

  • Crunch Time - Special project demanding overtime from your team? Have some snacks and drinks available to keep them happy AND productive. Just call your Client Support Specialist and we'll supply your team with all the brain fuel they need to get the project done ontime.

  • Complimentary Cold Drinks - Does your firm offer employees & Guests cold drinks like, sodas, juices and bottled water? Perks can probably save you money on your complimentary cold drink program and the best part we'll provide your company with the coolers to serve from. Learn more.

  • Keeping the office kitchen or pantry stocked with a few snacks to keep hungry accountants, programmers, admins and all the other people that keep your organization moving just makes good business sense.

  • Perks snacks and refreshments are delivered and stocked by a trained, uniformed professional breakroom management individual and computer generated invoices are issued at the time of delivery for easy accounting.
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Looking for a way to have an energy boosting snack available to your people? You have a smaller office and can't go through large boxes of product, but still want variety? Perks snack boxes are an easy solution. You choose five name brand snacks we repackage them in a box of 50 count so you can have the quantities and variety your smaller office needs and your the instant office hero.
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