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Self Service Retail - Industry Jargon for Vending

Perks is a full-line vending provider meaning we can handle all your company's vending needs from cold drink vending, snack vending, healthy snack vending, food vending and hot beverage vending. Perks certainly has a vending program to meet your company's goals, from Traditional Pay Vending to Subsidized Vending, where the company shares in some of the cost of the products to reward employees all the way to Free Vending, where, as the name implies the vending machines are set to free and the company pays for the products vended. If you are already supplying your employees with free drinks or snacks Free Vending can be a great way to put some cost controls in place. Perks would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of vending to visit our interactive showroom. To see what vending equipment Perks has to offer, visit our vending equipment page.

  • Custom Graphics - Perks can 'wrap' your vending machines in your company colors, your logos or anything else your team would like. The process is simple and very cost effective.

  • Credit Card Acceptors - Including standard cash payment in certian situations Perks can install credit card acceptors on your vending machines. Another option is configuring the vending machines to accept payment from a stored value card, such as your employees badges.

  • Healthy Options - Innovative, healthy vending products such as drinks, snacks, bars and chips. Many companys find value in having a standard vending machine partnered with a healthy machine to offer employees a choice.

  • Refund Bank - If there should be a problem requiring a refund we've got your back. You as the contact for your company will have access to a 'bank' of change to refund employees should the need arrise. Your route salesman will monitor the usage and keep it fully stocked with change.

  • Energy Efficient Options - Power savings options such as motion sensors will help keep your company on target to reduce energy consumption.
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Fractionally packed coffees, like The Perky Bean make for easy brewing & clean breakrooms. It's simple, one frac-pack equals one pot of coffee.
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