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Perks Services - An Overview of What We Do

If it's in your breakroom or should be in your breakroom Perks has it covered. The simplicity of one provider. The ease of one call. The reliability of Perks.

Perks & Provisions provides total corporate breakroom management services. We specialize in providing customized breakroom solutions that will invigorate your employees and increase their productivity. In most cases we supply, maintain and clean all necessary equipment at no cost to your company. In ALL cases a uniformed, knowledgeable & friendly route sales professional will be assigned to you and will be completely committed to your company's total satisfaction. Select a service you would like to learn more about:

  • Office Coffee & Cappuccino - Coffee is our passion. Let us share our passion with you - from traditionally brewed to whole bean, fresh ground coffee Perks can meet all your office coffee needs.

  • Refreshments & Snacks - Welcome your team in with breakroom perks like bottled juices, soft drinks, and a healthy snack.

  • Self Service Retail / Vending - Innovative vending equipment and products.

  • Filtered & Bottled Water - Perks can handle all your offices water needs from, Five Gallon Bottled Water, Point-Of-Use Filtration Systems, Small Package Bottled Water and even Custom Labled Bottled Water.

  • Breakroom Perks - Perks has numerous cost effective ways to reward your people such as, fresh-whole fruit, a morning bagel, an energy drink to keep them motivated thru the 3 o'clock slump.

  • Cleaning Supplies - Everything your office or facility needs to keep clean from environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners to trash bags made to compost. Formula 409, Clorox Wipes...
A Perks Tip - Wood vs. Plastic Stir Sticks
Going Green? Using stir stix made from a renewable resource, such as wood in your office are a very cost effective replacement to conventional plastic stir stix.
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