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Breakroom Perks Survey

We hope you enjoyed the CORE 24 ADMIN AWARDS and we're happy you have decided to take our short survey regarding your company's breakroom perks.


Cappuccino wishes & latte dreams.

How many full time employees work out of your facility? What type of coffee does your office currently drink?

How much do your employees enjoy the coffee your office provides?

Please rate your current office coffee / breakroom provider?

Is your office coffee so good that it creates a morning buzz?
How would you rate the quality of your breakroom equipment?

Does your current coffee / breakroom company provide your office with any other Perks?
Would it be beneficial for all of your breakroom needs to be met by one provider?
9. Perks has an incredible Coffee Equipment Showroom. Would you like a tour?

Do you feel your company is getting enough value for your breakroom buck?
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