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Onsite Demo Survey

We hope you enjoyed the coffee as much as we enjoyed providing it for you…
At Perks we believe a coffee tasting is critical in sourcing the very best perks for your office. We're honored we could take part in a tasting for your team and would appreciate some feedback on how the tasting went.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Were the Perks Team members that hosted your coffee demonstration knowledgeable about the different coffees and/or brewing systems you tried? Do you feel that your team members enjoyed the coffee(s) tasted today more or less than the coffee(s) your currently offer?
Are you likely to make a change in the type of coffee(s) and/or brewing systems you offer your team based on the tasting?

If you are not ready to make a change in your offerings yet, would you like to try other coffee and/or brewing systems options?

Which coffee or brewing system you tried today was the office favorite?

Has the coffee demonstration hosted by Perks been useful to you in your decision to change or continue providing your current coffee offerings?

If you decided to add one additional "perk" to your breakroom offerings, what would it be?

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