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Perks Sales Experience Survey

We're happy you have decided to take our short survey on your sales experience and are
very excited to see what you thought. Thank you again and cappuccino wishes & latte dreams.

Has your organization made a decision on your coffee and/or vending supplier? What was the level of quality of the products and services you were presented?

How do you perceive the value of our products and services for the quoted price?

Does Perks have a solution that meets your organizations coffee and/or vending needs?

We try to make every effort to coordinate an onsite tour of our interactive coffee & vending showroom with our prospective clients. Was this invitation extended to you?
How would you rate the quality of the proposal and other sales literature that was presented to you?

Please rate the professionalism of your sales representative?

How would you rate the timeliness of communication you received from your sales representative?

Please let us know how knowledgable you found your sales rep to be about coffee & vending solutions?

How hard did your sales rep work to find the best breakroom solutions for your office?

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